tailordrews (tailordrews) wrote,

court dress

One of the issues i have with the court dress i am going to make is the problem with the tabs. I hate when the gap from the skirt to the bodice is seen, and the tabs are going to lye on top of the skirt.
This problem was solved in one example with the wedding dress of Sophia Magdalena. Janet Arnold says that the bones were made thinner in the tabs, half as thick as the body bones. I cant do that with my modern boning.
So how could i make the same?
I thoaght about that i maybe could glue on strips of ridgeline to the boning, so that i have ridgeline at the tabs alone?
Making a fully boned bodice with tabs is a huge work, so i would like to make a nice solution.
Does any of you have any good ideas?
Making the tabs thinner, makes the tabs go over the skirt more smoothly.

Tags: court dress
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