tailordrews (tailordrews) wrote,

Anglaise / fichu

Must admit that the only thing i have "done" with the anglaise i am starting is that i found a lovely fashion print i want to make it from. And i am going to make the petticoat of taffeta, but i am having a layer of cotton voillé on top of it in white. The frill also a voillé is going to have small painted spots on it, and the front pannels made in large puffs, the same. The overdress is tan colloured, and the skirt white. The spots are going to be bluish turquise.
Besides making this dessition, i have worked on the fichu, i have embroidered the corner and on the right side, i am on the 2.nd pattern repeat. This is only for the tambouring, the shadow work is made after the tambour.
I have cleaning help again tomorrow on my day off. Hope i get the time and the quiet, to start making the toillé and a bum roll.
Hohenstein told me yesterday of the Margaretha Helms embroidery patterns wich are online now on V&As archive. I downloaded all of them yesterday, there were also some lovely other patterns made of an english victorian lady there. Lots of inspiration to have, thanks for reminding me Hohenstein!

Tags: anglaise/fichu
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