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stays for anglaise

I did get some sewing done this weekend. I had to make changes to the stays for the anglaise dress for Kristine.
First i had to make a new stomacher, because the other one was two big in the bustline, and i also sewed the stomacher to the sides of the stays because they crumbled together when i laced the front.
Now they keep their shape. Also i had to cut off some of the underarms and also the back was two long. So this is going to be strapless stays.
Now i am ready to drape the anglaise dress, thats a wonderfull thing to have the stays done.
Can anybody explain to me why my pictures gets "Two fat" when i flip the picture in my corel draw program? I always resize and edit my pictures in that program, but for instance the photos of the stays i just did, got very fat to look at, they are much more slender in reality?
Perhaps i should skip photograph pictures by turning the angle of my pictures?
By the way the bumroll i have made this time, isnt biggest in the back but on the sides, its going to be interresting to see how it ends up.

Bjarne from a cold frosen and very windy Denmark, its freezing cold outside, glad to be home again in the warm flat.
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