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Barnabas (dark shadows) [Feb. 17th, 2011|07:56 pm]

Back in the seventies, i watched dark shadows in the cinema.
I have tryed to get it on dvd, but i can only have it with region 1 and this i can not use in Europe.
Now i have seen that a new one is to get to preorder at amazon uk, but i dont know if this is the one i saw back in the seventies or if it is new eppisodes?
Can anyone enlighgten me?

It has always ben the scriest of all wampire movies to me.


[User Picture]From: my_stitching
2011-02-17 08:18 pm (UTC)
You can get dvd players that will play all regions and they are inexpensive. I think ours cost us 19 GBP from amazon.co.uk. We have a ton of movies from the US and now movies from the UK and we can watch all of them on the same dvd player. :)
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