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weekend - anglaise

I have work this weekend but i am early home today, i had an easy day. It happens once in a while, really nice!
The reason why my anglaise projekt has ben so slow is due to
1 i am not passionate about it!
2 the girl i make it for, has changed ideas a coupple of times
3 the fabric and collour.
Now we have come to a solution and i can get on with it.
She has always ben so much in love with the start anglaise in The Duchesse.
Its beige and blue.
My taffeta is beige, so we have come to this conclusion:
She wants a zone front closure, turkish sleaves on top of the simple - ordinary anglaise sleaves. The fabric under the zone is going to be blue ditto to the underskirt. Overdress made of beige taffeta.
She wants it to be as simple as possible, but i have made a lot of trimming sewed by hand, so she has to agree that i make pleated edges.
Found a wondefull hat in Magasin Nouveilles anglaises et francaises. Its a puff crown with big ruches of lace in the edge og the brim, a ribbon round the crown with big bows either site of the head, to the right also feathers. I want to make that in beige with the bows and ribbon brim in blue. Perhaps some red roses to highlight the collours.
I have draped a beautifull back and front, but i have to remake the front to the zone closure.
Anybody have any experiments with hooks and eyes for the zone closure? or as i feel it, would be better to pin in place?
On to the draping :-)

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