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I have found the pattern i made for Sofies stays to the red francaise dress i made for her. I am using this pattern for her new stays in ruby red silk damask. Her mother meassured her pocket hoops for me, so i am also ready to make her ruby red pocket hoops to match. Her first stays were made with 0,4 mm. wiesner boning, but i want to make it in 0,7 mm. boning. I will make 2 layers of cotton and one layer of the silk damask. The edges i shall use ordinary silk taffeta for binding.
Its going to be hecktic from now on, having manny projekts running together.
in 14 days a lady is comming to have her meassures taken, and to disgus wich kind of dress i am going to make for her. She ordered me to make her a dress for venice carnival next year. She has her own brokade with her, and also gold and silver laces she baught in Italy.
I collected the blue silk home today for the anglaise dress. The underskirt, the zone front and the sleaves are going to be blue, the rest of the anglaise is tan colloured. I have soon finnished the pleating of the trim for the overskirt, 4 widths 140 cm trimmed with ivory "rococo trimming"

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