January 3rd, 2011



For the past month i have ben interrested in creating a Brunswick dress. I have with great interrest followed "demode's" blog about the subject:http://demodecouture.com/2010/03/18th-century-brunswicks-and-jesuits/.
At Rosenborg castle in Copenhagen we have a complete Brunswick with all the acessories included underwear, stockings, shoebuckles. The overdress is cut like an anglaise, it has a hood. The underbodice has a front decorated lacing, but it is laced together center back. It has not, as the 18th century womens list suggest attachable undersleaves, it has in a fact long sleaves.
The dress was made for a young girl who was adopted by the queen, she suffered from a hormone sickness wich did that she was very very small, not deformed like midges normally are, but very small. The queen had her at the court. After the young girl died in a very young age,they made a death mask from her face,and the queen had a sculpturer make a coppy of her body, and the doll was dressed in this full brunswick dress, and placed at the treassury. This is why it is so well preserved.
The doll had trousers on wich are preserved very well, stockings, a green quilted petticoat with hip pads made from horsehair, a chemise, a corset, a dress bodice with long sleaves, overdress with a hood, also some garters and a pair of shoes. The young girl died in 1769.
Obviously the Brunswick could be made in different ways, my idea of a dress to make, would be after the Roslin portrait at Démodé's blog. My feeling of it is that the underrbodice has the hood attached, not the overdress, and it would be ideal this way because it could be worn for warmth in the winter with the underbodice, in the summer, the underbodice simply could be replaced with a stomacher, and you would have an ordinary robe a la francaise.........................
Its a lady who wants me to make her such a dress, she is going to have it in a blue silk taffeta.