January 10th, 2011



Its my day off tomorrow, ill have cleaning help and i expect to go to a copy store where i am going to have the pannier blown up. Its probably going to be quite expensive to have it blown up in real size, but nothing to do about it, i want it as precise as possible. Its the pannier worn under Louisa Ulrikas coronation court dress. This pannier is pleated in the sides the same way as the Fashioning Fashion pannier, so it could probably also be used to make smaller sized panniers.
Also i have in mind to start to embroider a fichu with white on white tambour embroidery. I have some leftover fabric from the Øregård dress i made last year. Its sheer, soft and very nice. I have found a patterrn for the tambour embroidery, but i need to construct it with a corner and a revers in the middle. Thinking about i could make some very nice sleave ruffles from the same fabric also embroidered with the same pattern, and why not also a neck ruffle?
Its not lack of things to do i have the most, its the lack of time to do it!
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