January 17th, 2011


This year

This year my plans are:
Embroidered apron
Embroidered fichu
1 robe a la francaise in cream colloured silk taffeta.
1 robe de cour
1 robe not desided wich kind yeat.
This is the plans i have for now.

The lady i am making the francaise dress for was the girl studying in PARIS last summer, who could not come to Gammel Estrup after all because of her study there.'
This year she is home again. She is comming here wednesday so that i can make meassures of her. I already have made her corset, the pale red with the laced front stomacher i made last year. I want to make her a pannier because i dont think pocket hoops would support it in the shape i want it to be, i want it to be larger at the foot.
I need to find some ribbbon to give it collour, would be two dull with all cream collour.
I have 10 meters of taffeta, am going to make the underskirt faked with a front the same collour as the dress, the sides and back of the underskirt will be made of a simmilar taffeta wich is some tones darker.
The court dress i fear a little because of the space its going to take up, as i have told you, i dont have a study but have to make my dresses in our living room. But i have calculated that i have to take the pannier down and put it away, when i am not working on it. The court dress is going to be made of the Brunswick and Fils red floral silk brokade i baught some time ago.
The last dress is going to be a carnival dress. A lady asked me to make her a dress. She has 18 meters of some brokade, She is going with her husband for next years february carnival, and maybe i am going to make her husband a suit two. She told me she also have some italian lace with gold, she wants to be on the dress.
Thats my schedule for this year.
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