January 19th, 2011



Kristine was on a visit today, she lives in Jutland, but was here at Sealand to say goodbye to an australian friend who went home by plane today. So she tryed on the pale red corset i made for her last year. It was very nice on her but i have to make a few changes. Cut away the underarmscyes about 2 centimeters, the stays went up into her underarms. I had feared that the width of the bustline was two big because my dress stand could not be smaller in the bust, but it seemed that she had given me wrong meassures, the bust width was perfect.
So i can go right to it in making a mock up of the dress.
Its not going to be a robe a la francaise after all, she wanted an anglaise. She loved the cream colloured silk taffeta, and we agreed on making ruched trim with sewed on light blue ribbon. So this is what i am going to find now. I have to do a lot of laundry after work tomorrow, but on friday, ill go hunting light blue ribbon for the trimmings.
I didnt mind to make an anglaise in stead of a francaise, its both lovely dresses to make.
She told me about a very interresting diary she was reading of a danish nobility woman "Schimmelmann" who lived in the last quarter of 18th century, unfortunately the diary is written in french, so i cant read it :-( -she wrote about a lot of gossip going on at the danish court, what a shame i cant read it.
I am starting the mock up this weekend.

court dress

One of the issues i have with the court dress i am going to make is the problem with the tabs. I hate when the gap from the skirt to the bodice is seen, and the tabs are going to lye on top of the skirt.
This problem was solved in one example with the wedding dress of Sophia Magdalena. Janet Arnold says that the bones were made thinner in the tabs, half as thick as the body bones. I cant do that with my modern boning.
So how could i make the same?
I thoaght about that i maybe could glue on strips of ridgeline to the boning, so that i have ridgeline at the tabs alone?
Making a fully boned bodice with tabs is a huge work, so i would like to make a nice solution.
Does any of you have any good ideas?
Making the tabs thinner, makes the tabs go over the skirt more smoothly.