Kristine was on a visit today, she lives in Jutland, but was here at Sealand to say goodbye to an australian friend who went home by plane today. So she tryed on the pale red corset i made for her last year. It was very nice on her but i have to make a few changes. Cut away the underarmscyes about 2 centimeters, the stays went up into her underarms. I had feared that the width of the bustline was two big because my dress stand could not be smaller in the bust, but it seemed that she had given me wrong meassures, the bust width was perfect.
So i can go right to it in making a mock up of the dress.
Its not going to be a robe a la francaise after all, she wanted an anglaise. She loved the cream colloured silk taffeta, and we agreed on making ruched trim with sewed on light blue ribbon. So this is what i am going to find now. I have to do a lot of laundry after work tomorrow, but on friday, ill go hunting light blue ribbon for the trimmings.
I didnt mind to make an anglaise in stead of a francaise, its both lovely dresses to make.
She told me about a very interresting diary she was reading of a danish nobility woman "Schimmelmann" who lived in the last quarter of 18th century, unfortunately the diary is written in french, so i cant read it :-( -she wrote about a lot of gossip going on at the danish court, what a shame i cant read it.
I am starting the mock up this weekend.

This year

This year my plans are:
Embroidered apron
Embroidered fichu
1 robe a la francaise in cream colloured silk taffeta.
1 robe de cour
1 robe not desided wich kind yeat.
This is the plans i have for now.

The lady i am making the francaise dress for was the girl studying in PARIS last summer, who could not come to Gammel Estrup after all because of her study there.'
This year she is home again. She is comming here wednesday so that i can make meassures of her. I already have made her corset, the pale red with the laced front stomacher i made last year. I want to make her a pannier because i dont think pocket hoops would support it in the shape i want it to be, i want it to be larger at the foot.
I need to find some ribbbon to give it collour, would be two dull with all cream collour.
I have 10 meters of taffeta, am going to make the underskirt faked with a front the same collour as the dress, the sides and back of the underskirt will be made of a simmilar taffeta wich is some tones darker.
The court dress i fear a little because of the space its going to take up, as i have told you, i dont have a study but have to make my dresses in our living room. But i have calculated that i have to take the pannier down and put it away, when i am not working on it. The court dress is going to be made of the Brunswick and Fils red floral silk brokade i baught some time ago.
The last dress is going to be a carnival dress. A lady asked me to make her a dress. She has 18 meters of some brokade, She is going with her husband for next years february carnival, and maybe i am going to make her husband a suit two. She told me she also have some italian lace with gold, she wants to be on the dress.
Thats my schedule for this year.
My god! Live journal is really working slow today!



I also have a commision of a fichu. A danish lady who has made her own middleclass costume dated 1740 ordered it.
This weekend i have made the pattern, and i also started to make a sampler of it.
In 18th century embroidery teckniques, there is a triangular neckerchief with a slit in the diagonal to ease the neckerchief better over the neck. I want to make the same.
This is a sampler of the embroidery. First it is tamboured, next i have made densely wowen herringbone stitches at the backside of each motif, this way it gets to look as if the layer is doubble in the motifs. Its embroidered on a cotton voillé.
Its the first time i ever make such kind of embroidery.



Its my day off tomorrow, ill have cleaning help and i expect to go to a copy store where i am going to have the pannier blown up. Its probably going to be quite expensive to have it blown up in real size, but nothing to do about it, i want it as precise as possible. Its the pannier worn under Louisa Ulrikas coronation court dress. This pannier is pleated in the sides the same way as the Fashioning Fashion pannier, so it could probably also be used to make smaller sized panniers.
Also i have in mind to start to embroider a fichu with white on white tambour embroidery. I have some leftover fabric from the Øregård dress i made last year. Its sheer, soft and very nice. I have found a patterrn for the tambour embroidery, but i need to construct it with a corner and a revers in the middle. Thinking about i could make some very nice sleave ruffles from the same fabric also embroidered with the same pattern, and why not also a neck ruffle?
Its not lack of things to do i have the most, its the lack of time to do it!
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Ghost Hunters International, 3rd. season

For my american friends i can tell that Ghost Hunters International are making investigations at Hamlets Castle Kronborg in Denmark. Last year the museums café and restaurant had manny mysterius events, they even had to get help for someone who could make the events smaller or dissapear. Candlelights lighted themselves in the night, doors who were locked, suddently were left unlocked and so on. The staff was so frightened and manny stayed home and said they were sick.
Unfortunately i cant see american tele, but if some of my friends gets to see it, i hope you will tell me a little about it.
Hamlets Castle is situated in Helsingør (Elsinore) and its a very famous renaissance castle.


This is my chinese silks.

Estrella asked
would to take a photo of your silks all organized in their boxes and post? I'd love to see them all.

Which thread are you using for this apron project? Eterna? I am using YLI for a project I am working on at the moment and it's painfully fine!
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The chinese thread is from ebay. Eterna is a little thicker, in strands with 12 threads, the chinese only has 2 strands.


Apron embroidery

I am slowly progressing with the apron. This thread is very thin, so thats the reason why its so slowly going about. I discovered that i have to order home some more boxes for thread, because i have 2 large cardboard boxes full of Eterna Stranded silk threads, wich i also want to have in collour order. I have filled my 6th. box with entirely pink and reds, but i am out of more boxes.
There might be a change in the dress i plan, maybe she cant afford it anyway, so ill have to see, this is the Brunswick. Otherwise i think i want to start to make Sofies courtdress, even that i have plenty to do with the embroidery, a time will come where i miss costume making, and then i can start that.
Today i also deleted my homepage, dont worry, its only temporary, it needs renewal. Also i have deactivated my facebook profile, i had two manny friends there, and could not cope with all the people i had friended, wich i hardly knew.


For the past month i have ben interrested in creating a Brunswick dress. I have with great interrest followed "demode's" blog about the subject:http://demodecouture.com/2010/03/18th-century-brunswicks-and-jesuits/.
At Rosenborg castle in Copenhagen we have a complete Brunswick with all the acessories included underwear, stockings, shoebuckles. The overdress is cut like an anglaise, it has a hood. The underbodice has a front decorated lacing, but it is laced together center back. It has not, as the 18th century womens list suggest attachable undersleaves, it has in a fact long sleaves.
The dress was made for a young girl who was adopted by the queen, she suffered from a hormone sickness wich did that she was very very small, not deformed like midges normally are, but very small. The queen had her at the court. After the young girl died in a very young age,they made a death mask from her face,and the queen had a sculpturer make a coppy of her body, and the doll was dressed in this full brunswick dress, and placed at the treassury. This is why it is so well preserved.
The doll had trousers on wich are preserved very well, stockings, a green quilted petticoat with hip pads made from horsehair, a chemise, a corset, a dress bodice with long sleaves, overdress with a hood, also some garters and a pair of shoes. The young girl died in 1769.
Obviously the Brunswick could be made in different ways, my idea of a dress to make, would be after the Roslin portrait at Démodé's blog. My feeling of it is that the underrbodice has the hood attached, not the overdress, and it would be ideal this way because it could be worn for warmth in the winter with the underbodice, in the summer, the underbodice simply could be replaced with a stomacher, and you would have an ordinary robe a la francaise.........................
Its a lady who wants me to make her such a dress, she is going to have it in a blue silk taffeta.


christmas greetings

Christmas greetings for all my live journal friends. Leif and I had a nice cosy christmas eve yesterday, we had roast duck and roast pork with chrispy skin. The days before christmas we had a lot of snow, and especially at an island called Bornholm where my brother lives was drowned in snow.All traffic to and off the island is shut down, he
called me yesterday evening and told me they couldnt get anywhere, they were supposed to celebrate the evening at my nephew who lives in another small town on the island. But they could not get there because of the roads wich were closed. And they had to take up some steaks from the refrigerator for their dinner.
My brother who seldom calls me, had had a christmas card from me, where i told him about the buisiness with the curtains for Gammel Estrup, and he told me he was very proud of me, that i had refusedto make the work for peanuts.
Tomorrow Leif and I are invited to a christmas lunch at my sister and her husband. I am looking forwards to that.
Manny greetings from me to all of you, i hope you get what you have wished for and that you have a very nice christmas with your famillys!